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29 Jan 04

My Age is 00100000 in BCD!
I have been learning some truly interesting things in Electrical Engineering so far this semester. Binary code, hexadecimal, logic gates, the fun never stops! Honestly, I am enjoying this class a lot more than a History major probably should. I guess I've always had a natural curiosity about all these electronic gizmos that bring me so much enjoyment (along with the occasional headache) in life.

Because of this curiosity, I am greatly excited about next semester because of a course I signed up for, entitled "The History of the Electronic Computer: From the ENIAC to the Xbox." I can't say I'm happy with the choice of the Xbox in the title, but that is splitting hairs. I guess another reason I am so excited about next semester is that I will be taking only 15 credit hours. I can hardly wait...

This week has been fairly busy. I made an attempt to purchase new tires for my car on Tuesday, but the lousy tire store shut down an hour early because of the weather. I guess I'm just used to Northwest Indiana, where they don't cancel or postpone any activity unless there are multiple feet of snow on the ground, but it seems to me that if a store says it will be open till 8, it should be open to 8. Oh well.

My roommate volunteered to give me a ride to a warship meeting tomorrow, so that I can finally get some work done on my boat, finally. I swear on a whole stack of bibles, I will my boat into commission by May! In the mean time, I posted a review for the second volume of the anime series Dual!.

 Review: Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure: Visions

25 Jan 04

The Dark Ages Strike Again!
Today was gray and cold again, but at least I was able to spend most of it goofing of. Usually, I treat Sunday as a work day and almost self-consciously avoid doing work on Saturday. However, I decided to swap days  since I had to spend 6 hours on Main Office watch doing nothing yesterday. By doing my homework in that time, I was able to free up my schedule today nicely. I was also lucky in that I was able to eat well (by that, I mean outside of King Hall) for free today, thanks to my sponsors, the Berrys. They were nice enough to bring me some chili and bread when they came to church this morning. Thanks!

The obvious product of the free time I had today is this update. I got the review for the first volume of Dual! in the bag, as well as the promised update to the links page. I was also able to play a little more of MoH: Rising Sun this afternoon. I have decided to forego impressions for it and will simply post a review, probably sometime next week. 

 Review: Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure: Visions

24 Jan 04

Tenki ga samui desune! These 20-degree temperatures that have been prevailing in Annapolis really make you want to stay indoors. So, I thought I might as well update, especially given that it has been a while. In my defense I was awfully busy. Last weekend, I went down to Charleston for several days with the Catholic Choir (you can find a link to some pictures of the trip below). This trip kind of played havoc with my schedule this week and last week, but I think I have pretty much gotten all of that straightened out.

In the mean time, though, a lot has been going on. First, there is this whole Nintendo DS thing. I am genuinely curious about this system. Given that Nintendo is making it, I feel assured that it will be of a good level of quality. Also, the days are ticking down until Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles releases. My interest in this game has been steadily building, but I'm not quite at a fever pitch over it yet.

Recently, new animated entertainment of Japanese origin has been delivered into my collection, thanks to the paragon of punctuality that is the US Postal Service. This new installment included the first volume of Dual! and Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky. I will try to review at least one of these tomorrow, so stand by.

Tomorrow, I hope to update the Links finally. The original page was intended to be more of a place holder, and so it is very scantily populated. However, this means that it simply is not complete enough, and I feel a revised version will reflect much more closely my daily surfing preferences.

 Catholic Choir MO Pictures

11 Jan 04

Farm Livin' Is The Life For Me!
Tonight I got around to reviewing the new GBA Harvest Moon game. These games have some sort of special aura about them that results in a condition I like to refer to as "horribly addictive," although even such strong descriptions fall far short of the true nature of things. If you have never played a Harvest Moon game, then I highly encourage you to give this one a try.

I spent most of yesterday finishing off Tom Clancy's Teeth of the Tiger, so I thought I might take a few moments to talk about it. This book is a solid Clancy novel, with all the excitement, technical information, and inter-twined plotlines that one would expect. However, this novel features a practically all-new cast of characters, so in many ways Teeth of the Tiger seems to represent a transitional storyline from the Jack Ryan series to the Jack Ryan Jr. series. Certainly, the ending of this novel sets up at least one direct sequel. Also noteworthy is that this book significantly shorter than his previous novels, at just over 300 pages. Hopefully, this means that a sequel will be arriving shortly, because in my opinion this is Clancy's best book  since Debt of Honor.

Review: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

08 Jan 04

Back To School
After my first day of class, I can safely say that this semester is going to be a lot of fun. My two history classes seem to be really engaging, and the initial homework readings I have been doing are quite interesting. Tomorrow I will have a crack at my other courses, including EE. The weather in Annapolis continues to be frigid. It's times like these that I wish the showers could pick one temperature and stay there! For whatever reason, the water will start cool, get very hot, then fade out to cool again before repeating the cycle. What could be responsible for this diabolical fluctuation, nobody knows.

I decided to try an experiment today, and do a review of one of my anime music CDs. From the start, I wanted the anime section to include more than just DVD reviews, but have just now gotten around to including a review of something other than an actual piece of animation. When I look at my music collection, I am stunned by the realization that more than half of my discs are anime soundtracks. What has driven me to such odd predilections in music, I scarcely know. Anyway, enjoy the review.

Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion OST Volume 1

07 Jan 04

Happy New Year!
I'm back at the Academy now after 18 days of being home. Obviously, I didn't quite get around to updating while I was at home, out of a combination of a slow (and fickle) dial-up connection and my own general lack of motivation. Really, I was just having too much fun to be bothered. My family is still endeavoring to remodel our home, so that took a decent chunk of time. Then, I went out with my friends several times, which is always an adventure. And of course, there is all that time I spent in front of the TV watching morning cartoons and DVD's. I am generally surprised by the relatively high quality of cartoons on network shows  these days. I might have to do a special in the near future on them, since many are anime series.

It has been difficult trying to transition back into the Academy life, what with all of these briefs and such to go to. I finally got around to picking up my books today, so I guess I am more or less set for class to start tomorrow. Now that I am back, though, I am going to try to make up for some lost time as far as updates are concerned. The thing is, classes don't start until tomorrow, and consequently my class work is liable to be a bit thin for the next week at least. Certainly, the rest of this week and the weekend shouldn't be too taxing. Given that I got a whole bunch of new goodies to review for Christmas, this is probably a good thing! Today I am reviewing Spirited Away and posting a few of my early thoughts on the new MoH game.

Review: Spirited Away
Impressions: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun


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