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31 Mar. 04

Of Leave and Updates
Well, I've been back in action for almost two weeks now, so it seems only fitting that I actually get around to posting the articles I wrote over Spring Break. One is a review, and the other is a short feature commemorating the 1-year anniversary of this site.

These past couple of weeks have just been a whirlwind of activity for me, what with exams, PRT remedial workouts, and the like. However, I still have found time for the important things, like going to my girlfriend's ring dance ;). At any rate, the semester is starting to come to a close, which means my course work is really starting to pile up. I will nevertheless attempt to update more regularly than I have been.

Review: Beyond Good & Evil

Spring Break

 (These updates were originally posted on a simplified layout)
17 March 2004

Here it is Wednesday already, and I havenít even touched the site yet. Yikes! My Spring Break is just flying by, since I have been keeping myself so busy. Between working in the greenhouses, playing games, and meeting family and friends, I hardly have any time to goof off! At any rate, for the rest of the week I am going to try to work on typing up a couple of articles that I intend on posting once I get back to my computer at the Academy. These articles will hopefully be on a variety of subjects and of different types (Not just reviews!). I am really looking forward to Friday, as I am going to drive down to Terra Haute to visit Vince, one of my best friends who goes to Rose Hulman. I donít know how many updates Iíll get done on that night, but at least I can work on it during the times in between! Okay, I guess Iíll close for now and start working on the updates, as opposed to just talking about them ;).

12 March 2004

Well, I am finally leaving on Spring Break. I can hardly wait to get home!

11 March 2004

This post is really just a test of the new temporary page. I acknowledge that it is pretty bare bones, but that is simply so that I can get some practice updating a website without the benefit of FrontPage.


10 Mar. 04

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Two more days, and then it is home for Spring Break! Last week, I was feeling kind of under the weather...partly because I was sick with a really bad cold, and partly because I failed the PRT (the two probably aren't unrelated). However, last weekend I got the chance to go to California and be an escort at the Silver Rose Debutante Ball. Wherever you read "Air Force Academy Cadets" in that article, substitute "Andy Rucker and his fellow Naval Academy Midshipman" and you are pretty much there. The Air Force Academy usually provides the escorts for this event, but for whatever reason, the AFA declined to do it this year. So, the Naval Academy got the call instead. I really enjoyed the trip, as it was my first time in California. I only wish I could have spent more time there! Boy, was the weather nice...

Anyway, this week has been tortuous. Due to my PRT failure, I've had mandatory workouts at oh-dark thirty to attend every morning. On top of that, I have several assignments due this week and what seems like next to no time to work on them. But, as the title of this post mentions, there is a Light, in the form of a plane ride home on Friday night. Hooray!

While I'm home, I may or may not sit down and work on some updates for the site. I have a metric butt load of anime and videogames waiting for me when I get back, so I kind of doubt I'll get to it. As always, We Will See. I will be going with a simplified main page/blog/whatever you want to call it this next week, so that I can update the page more easily from home using something like Word or even Notepad. This is more because of my notorious lack of l337 h4xor skillz than anything else, but I think this will be a step in the right direction in the sense that it will probably lead to my getting more familiar with HTML in the process.

As far as content updates are concerned...they are coming, I promise! The one year anniversary of the site is coming up at the end of the month, and I hope to have a few special features ready for the occasion.

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