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25 May 04

Summer's Comin!

Heh, I had intended to do a little bit of updating on the site, but I've gotten distracted by a whole lot of fun and interesting events lately. Ring Dance, for example, was just last weekend. My girlfriend, Gwen,  came up for it and I had a great time.  I was a little suspicious when I first heard that the dance was going to be held on Hospital Point in a big tent, but the whole event actually came together very well. I have nothing but the utmost appreciation for our ring dance committee...they really went the extra mile and it showed. Other than Ring Dance, I have been attending the usual array of briefings and special events.

Every year, once all academic matters have been settled, the Naval Academy administration seemingly passes this sentence on the Brigade: "For successfully completing another academic year, you are hereby sentenced to death, by PowerPoint. May God have mercy on your soul." I'm being dramatic, of course, but I do find the sheer number of things the administration finds to talk to us about remarkable. I've received hour briefs on Ring Dance, summer fleet cruises,  service selection, alcohol and drug education, and even on my trip to Japan. My personal favorite was the personal finance brief given my Mr. Larry Diddlemeyer. His message is always the same: "You too can be a millionaire by age 65, but only if you don't buy your kids a Mustang GT when they graduate high school!"

 Commissioning Week is moving right along. As I am sitting here typing this, the F/A-18 Hornets of the Blue Angels are screaming up and down the Severn River, as their pilots rehearse for their performance tomorrow.  Graduation is Friday, and that means as soon as the firsties throw their covers in the air, I will at long last be able to pin on my own First Class shoulder boards. That means it is almost time for Summer Training, and I have almost completely neglected this site. And, I'm afraid that I will have to continue to neglect it. I will be gone...solid gone....for the entire month of June and the first part of July. Gone as in out of the country and probably cut of from internet access. Hopefully, updates will resume when I get back home, but no promises!


3 May 04

Finals Again!
Well, finals week is here again, and that means that I have entered into a life and death struggle to maintain my concentration in the face of massive free time and videogames. It is really a strange feeling to not have any homework or any projects to worry about.

I wanted to talk about a nifty program I recently found. It is called LeoCAD, and it allows me to build all kinds of Lego models in my computer. I am currently using it to draw Star Trek ships, which I am thinking about using in a fan-fic of some kind down the road. Who knows? In the mean time, I have posted a few test images in the Star Trek section.

Lego Star Fleet Preview
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