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23 Oct. 04

This is Halloween
Last time, I wrote: It is a brave new world, yes indeed. Brave new world, my foot. As usual, I have gotten overtaken by events/gotten really lazy. A lot has happened since my last update...6 week grades have come and gone, Navy has beaten Air Force only to lose to Notre Dame for the 41st time (ouch), and now it is almost time for Halloween. I had my first warship battle over a month ago, and I have yet to get an article up. I will have to get my pictures from that developed and put that together this week. Yikes! I am behind. Hence, I wanted to get an update put up before much longer.

While I have been pretty busy, I have had a little time to goof around. On the gaming front, I've been slowly chewing my way through Tales of Symphonia, and I will hopefully have that pretty much squared away by the time Baiten Kaitos arrives. I bought Pikmin 2 and played a couple of hours of it, but I decided to loan that game to my friend Vince for a while, since I am so engrossed in Tales. I am also getting very, VERY excited about the impending release of the Nintendo DS. I really like what I'm hearing about this new hand-held, and being from Nintendo I'm sure it will be a solid piece of hardware backed by some incredible software. I am so excited about this system, in fact, that I am going to put together some running commentary in the games section.

I've also made a couple anime purchases recently. I've finally gotten around to watching the third Patlabor movie, Patlabor WXIII, as well as the original Patlabor OAV. I've been enjoying both immensely, especially the hilarious Mini-Pato bonus disk that came with WXIII. I have also started watching "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex," which after the first couple of episodes looks to be a real winner. Stay tuned for reviews!

I must confess, I have also been drawn back into the wonderful wide world of Lego. Online resources such as (set inventories) and Bricklink (used brick sellers) are chiefly responsible for the rekindling of my Lego passions. It is quite a neat system, really. I can look up a part from a certain set that I need for a new model on Peeron, and then go to Bricklink and find a seller that is willing to sell me 100 of that piece for 5 cents a piece. I could hardly fathom a more perfect way to suck money out of my bank account.

Well, I guess that is enough for now. Navy is playing Rice today (stupid Texas), so that means that I have a few hours of mandatory fun to tend to today. However, I still have a little time to goof off till the march-over starts, and I intend to take advantage of it. I now intend to play video games for several hours.

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