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29 August 04

Better Late than Never...
Well, I almost, but not quite, let another whole month slip away without an update. I got back to the Academy on the 18th, and since then it has been an almost constant succession of tasks to complete. However, I have finally decided to make some time for an update.

My overload of GameCube games continues, with Tales of Symphonia and Donky Konga taking a majority of the time. I have really just scratched the surface of Tales. A friend of mine asserts that it features about 30-40 hours of gameplay, and I have logged all of 7 so far. I will be putting some impressions once I break the 10 hour mark, so hold on to your hats! At the rate it is going, I won't need a new GameCube game until Christmas! There are some really good games coming out this fall, to. I'm looking forward to the U.S. version of Donky Konga, both for the songs and so that I can finally get my paws on an extra set of bongos.

On the GameBoy front, since having lost my second GBAsp, I have decided that I am just too clumsy to hang on to something that small. I have instead resolved to wait for the DS. In the meantime, I am looking forward to getting my copy of Pokémon Leaf Green. For those of you who didn't know, Leaf Green and Fire Red are remakes of the first Pokémon games that feature the updated graphics and gameplay of Ruby and Sapphire.  Strangely, everyone I have talked to who is getting one of these games is getting Leaf Green. That probably has something to do with the novelty of having a green Pokémon cartridge, since one has never before been released here in the US.

After a brief hiatus,  my Japan Converge continues with a photo gallery of selected pictures taken on my trip. I had a ton of shots to chose from, but I ultimately decided on these to both show a good idea of everything I did there on my trip and keep a variety of scenes.

Japan Photo Gallery
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